Java Use Case
April 15, 2020

1. Wordpress landing pages for three mobile apps

The Problem

The customer had three mobile apps built that dealt with real estate agents, real estate brokers and normal clients and needed a landing page for each of the apps. We received a custom design from the designer and needed to create the pages layouts manually and integrate them into a custom WordPress theme with each one-page under the same domain.

The Challenge

When dealing with custom designs, things don't always work as intended from the beginning so design and functionality need to be adapted to properly fit the customers needs. We adjusted menus, responsive features for mobile viewers and the way content is being edited (supports blocks editing with drag and drop and custom blocks apart from the default block types WordPress already has).

The Technical Details

Worked on the project locally and kept a GitHub repository up to date, ran complete backups regularly to also include the database. Eventually deployed the site to a staging environment to be able to discuss the progress with the customer. The main features of the landing pages were custom drag and drop blocks and video blocks that opened modals with youtube app preview videos on autoplay. The entire website is completely responsive (used Bootstrap4 for the layout and customised the items to reflect the design).